Social Media Marketing Hacks

Adding “Facebook Login” on a checkout page decreased revenue by 3% [case study]

If you notice your competitors are posting fake bad reviews about your business, follow these steps to remove them.

The framework “Attention – Interest – Action” increased signups by 1000% [study]

How AppVault (B2B platform) managed to boost their email open rates by 5 times…

When users start with easy fields (dropdowns), they input their email 31% more often [study]

Here’s how they stopped leaving $1.8M on the table…

Know your audience. For BrookdaleLiving it resulted in over $100,000 additional revenue.

Surveying didn’t work for her, so she applied another method. Result: 20% more leads. (you can replicate it today)

Walmart’s responsive redesign boosted their sales by 20%

They invested $0 in acquiring new customers and earned over $500K in 6 months…

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