5 levels copywriting framework by Eugene Schwartz

It’s easy to forget who you’re actually talking to in your audience and end up talking to everyone. Today, I learned about a fascinating framework developed by Eugene Schwartz. With this knowledge, you can write more effectively for different audiences …

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A/B Test Your Headlines When You Share Your New Content

1. The rule is that for each piece of content, you MUST come up with 25 headlines. 2. You’re going to be responsible for some truly reprehensible headlines. 3. When you’re down to your last few options, you start to …

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Mix Up Your Social Messages

You might be surprised to learn that social messages with more than just headlines typically receive more clickthroughs than those with only headlines. This is exactly what we discovered when we began analysing data internally at CoSchedule. Clicks on social …

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How to set your service’s best price

Observe this straightforward principle: “We charge this amount because our consumers receive at least 10 times that much value.” Don’t focus on features; instead, focus on DOLLARS and OUTCOMES.   “Parenting control software” examples include For $10, you can purchase …

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A copy that converts

You can’t have good copy without first doing the work to understand your customers. Much of the copy on our site now came directly from our customers’ mouths in our conversations with them, and that’s why it converts: because it …

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7 perfect headline formulas

Who Else Wants [blank]? The Secret of [blank] Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank] Little Known Ways to [blank] Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem] Now …

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7 engaging storytelling formulas

Make your pitches engaging with these storytelling formulas: Useful info in a narrative. What motivates your team. What your brand stands for. About your customers. Emotional. A beginning, a crisis, and a resolution. Interaction between your customers and your brand. …

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The magic of headlines

Headlines with numbers are 2x more likely to generate clicks vs. “how to” headlines, according to research by Conductor. A study of 150,000 headlines revealed that odd-numbered headlines have a 20% better CTR than headlines with even numbers. In an …

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Hack persuasive copywriting

If you want readers to appreciate your solution, you need to remind them of the pain. So poke the wound. Show that it hurts. Then reveal your solution. Transform generic claims into concrete terms. Try to visualize adjectives. Change “Our …

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How typography affects conversions

Text with an 18 px font size, as opposed to 12 px, results in 32.68% more clicks. Source:

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