The #1 customer LTV in the world (4 keys)

TemplateMonster wanted to figure out the secret to a fruitful relationship with their clientele.
For over a half a year, they spent money on consultants, software, and an in-depth analysis and description of all of their business processes.
The end result was that everything only held water in theory.

The CEO of TemplateMonster, David Braun, decided to learn the answers for himself. He was surprised to learn that doctors—specifically dentists, pediatricians, and other medical professionals—generate the highest customer lifetime values worldwide.

From his research, he identified four primary “HACK” components shared by the most successful physicians in their interactions with patients:

The best doctors are completely forthright with their patients, even if it means losing a patient and a current payment.
Instead of a fast buck, they gain long-term trust, loyalty, and recommendations.

They pay close attention to what others are saying before they speak and retain relevant information.

Care: They really listen to the client, figure out what’s going on, and feel what the client feels.
They treat all customers the same, regardless of their ability to pay, and do everything they can to be of assistance.

Competence: They are experts in their field.



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