Stop Sharing Too Much Self-Centred Content

Posting content that constantly promotes “Me, Me, Me” should be avoided unless you’re a globally recognised brand. It’s not good for business to constantly promote your products and services in every post. They will eventually start interacting with and supporting your brand.

Self-promotional content has its place, but too much of it can be counterproductive if your goal is to expand your following on social media. This approach sometimes backfires. The proper content is essential in setting the stage for your audience to absorb your content.

Our number one piece of advice that has proven effective time and time again is to focus on your customers’ needs first. You can provide value to your readers by producing a wide variety of other content types.

Content creation in this context includes but is not limited to

Tips & Techniques
Amusing Picture Files & Memes
Edited pieces
Content generated by your brand’s hashtag’s users

Your writing should be useful, objective, and focused on the reader. Watermark your business name/logo and social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) on all of your content.

The goal here is to win them over so that you can make a sale to them later.

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