How to do influencer outreach in a minute without wasting a ton of time and energy…

You’ve wasted your time if, after writing a fantastically useful blog piece, you don’t take the effort to spread the word about it.

Your flashy new business, tool, etc., is subject to the same limitations.

Having a notable person promote your website would be fantastic.

However, anyone who has tried influencer outreach before knows how time-consuming and draining it can be.

When I did this before, I considered employing a virtual assistant to help me out…

Until I came upon these fantastic resources that let you:

1.Start by doing a keyword search.

2.compile a set of appropriate opinion leaders.

3.find out how to get in touch with them (through Twitter, email, etc.). get it all without waiting a single second.

What a miraculous thing!


So here are the tools (they both have 14 day free trials):

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