How to sell more by making your headline 140% clearer… (super easy)

It’s no secret that communication breakdown makes it tough to close a sale.

Every business hopes its customers finally get it and convert at an unprecedented rate.

i  recently found this fantastic data-driven study that reveals the precise details that make our headlines 13%-140% more understandable.


Here it is:

1.If your title is a question, you lose 26% of your audience’s attention.

2.Turning it into a “How to” headline style improves clarity by an additional 13%.

3.The intelligibility of your headline improves by 40 percent simply by addressing the reader directly (… you…).

Last but not least… Cue the horns…

4.The clarity of your title will increase by more than 140 percent if you have a number in it.

I always attempt to include a number in the headline or subject line of my emails, and now I know why.



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