If you notice your competitors are posting fake bad reviews about your business, follow these steps to remove them.

Reviews are very important for local SEO.
When you get a lot of bad reviews, your area rankings and sales go down.
But reviews are easy to change, and a rival who doesn’t like you might try to do that first.

How do you get rid of fake reviews?

Fake reviews are against Google’s rules, so if you find one, you can report it for removal by taking these steps:

Step 1: Go to Google Maps.
2. Use the name or address of your business to look for it.
3. Choose your business from the findings of the search.
4. On the left side, scroll down until you see Review summary.
5. Click [number of reviews] under the average rate.
6. Find the review you want to report and click the flag sign next to it.
7. Fill out the form for the report.


Source: www.link-assistant.com

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