Simple trick that helped them to beat their ʺrevenue per emailʺ goal by 172%. You can apply it easily today…

Suppose you have a list of email recipients.

Yes, you’ve sold to some of them.

But the vast majority of people never bought from you.

Therefore, you should cross them off your list because they are a waste of time and money.


Oh. No :).

Sony was able to profit from this “zero-money” demographic without chargiSome of those acquaintances ended up being paying clients.

Cool? ;)ng them a dime.

The technique they used was quite elementary.

It’s just as applicable now as it was then:).

As a result of using this strategy, they were able to increase their “revenue per email” by 172%!

Does that sound amazing to you? 🙂

Whence came their success?

Sony just added “Pin it” buttons to their mailings announcing the VAIO queue.

Those who enjoyed their products but couldn’t afford them may give them away.



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