Downselling generates over 80% more revenue than Upselling [case study]

This research was published as an article in the journal Sales Management.

Billiard tables ranged in price from $329 to $3,000, depending on the model.

In the first week, buyers were shown the cheapest models in the queue before being upsold to the more expensive options.

Result: The end result was a weekly average of $550 in table sales.


In the second week, shoppers were directed straight to the $3,000 table, regardless of their interests, before being given free reign to peruse the rest of the queue in descending order of price and quality.

When prices were reduced, sales increased to an average of over $1,000.

The Price anchoring strategy, in operation. When the highest price is highlighted initially, subsequent prices appear more attractive.


Source: sixteenventures.comkkdo

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