Here are the instructions on how to boost your social shares by 15-25 times (easy peasy)…

Only 3.89 percent of the over 200,000 emails I sent to our community during a 50-day period contained at least one piece of content that was shared.

Large posts (more than 3,000 words) are shared around twice as often, according to numerous researchers (Neil Patel, Moz, etc.).

One site that often features extremely lengthy, high-quality pieces is Robbie Richards’s blog. His most up-to-date numbers (from more than 300,000 page views) show that roughly 6.59 percent of readers tweet about it.

One in fifteen to twenty-five people is a sharer, so you can see how uncommon they are.

There’s a con coming up.

You need to advertise your content to people who are part of this niche audience if you want to increase shares by a factor of 15 to 25.

1.write down some URLs for articles that fit that category.

2., look them up one by one on

3.Navigate to the “Live” menu.

4.Here they are — the folks who will gladly spread your word.

5.Make everyone happy by clicking the reply button next to each tweet. 😉





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