Social Media Growth Hacking: Build a Community Around Your Brand

Businesses can’t afford to leave social media out of their marketing strategies. The use of social media networks allows you to connect with potential clients, find out what the market thinks of your products, and network with thought leaders in your field.

The creation of content and the expansion of a following are processes that demand time. To achieve this, you should coordinate your social media efforts with your company’s long-term goals.

In order to maximise the benefits of social media for your business, one of the most effective social media growth hacking strategies is to start a Facebook group dedicated to your brand, where your target audience can interact with you and each other. You must make sure that the group is valuable to them. Those who aren’t familiar with your brand may learn about it after being moved by the discussions in your group.


The creator of Find that Lead – Lead generation tool also started a Facebook group called Growth hacking & outbound marketing. People who might be interested in purchasing his product are the group’s target demographic, so he does his best to pique their interest by sharing his most insightful growth hacking advice with them on a daily basis.

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