2M analysis has uncovered what drops conversions by -36% and increases them by +96%…

Unbounce looked at 2,345,864 views of leave intent popups and found two things:
1. Their sales went down by 36%.
The second number went up by 96%.

They tried out:
A: 900x700px window.
vs B: 800×500px window.

Because of this, the 900x700px popup was too big for some devices. Because of this, the load/view ratio and total views went down by 36%.

Second, they tried out:
A: 1-step popup (input email right inside an alert).
vs. B: Two-step popup (“get…” button on a popup that goes to an opt-in landing page)

The result was that a 2-step popup made sales 96% higher!

P.S. If you want more studies on growth right away, you can get them here.



Source: unbounce.com

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