Leaving Thoughtful Comments

When I see brands using social media solely to post their content without engaging with their audience, I call this practise “Post & Ghost.” It’s hilarious how they then wonder why their posts aren’t being liked or commented on.

Using this method is easy and uncomplicated. Always respond to comments on your posts as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the “generic, copy & paste” comment just because you know it’s not genuine. The fact that you care enough to respond to their comments or questions demonstrates your interest in them as individuals. Also, by engaging with commenters, you’ll see a boost in the number of people who actually read your posts.

After you’ve finished answering people’s questions, you can continue engaging with your audience by commenting on their own posts. You can leave feedback on posts that use the same hashtags as you. Leave a relevant, in-depth comment on their posts. In the comments section, you and the author of an infographic on “How to Save Money” can debate various aspects of the topic at hand.

Source: www.plexxie.com

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