8 smart tricks to 9x your FB engagement…

Is there a free way to increase the exposure of your Facebook posts and advertisements?
You need to increase interaction (views, comments, and shares).


Here are 8 effective strategies on this, as suggested by several studies:

1.posts with graphics get 39% more comments than those without.
2.Short Facebook posts (80 characters or less) receive interaction rates that are 27% higher than average.
3.Asking for fan captions on photographs results in 5.5 times as many comments.

4.”fill in the blank” entries generate nine times as many comments than other types of updates.
5.the like, comment, and share rates for posts with emoticons are 57%, 33%, and 33%, respectively.
6.Engagement with posts that include full URLs is three times higher than with articles that have abbreviated links.
7.links submitted between 1 and 4 p.m. had the highest click through rates. Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays than on other days of the week.
8.Using a question at the end of a post enhances engagement by 15% more than using a question at the beginning of a post, and posts that incorporate ‘would’ encourage the most likes.


Source: www.zazzlemedia.co.uk

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