Take a less is more posting approach

There was more emphasis on quality than quantity in social media before 2021. In order to stay in their target audience’s minds, brands were releasing social media posts frequently (sometimes multiple times per day).

However, as the focus of nearly every company moves to social media, consumers are finding that they are inundated with brand communications.

In 2022, less is more when it comes to posting on social media if you want your brand to be noticed. Although it may mean posting less frequently, it is preferable to send out posts that are well-considered and useful to your audience.

You should update at least once per day. Hubspot found that when posting more than twice a day, engagement drops. The optimal posting frequency, however, will vary based on factors such as the demographics of your audience, the average age of your followers, how they use the internet, and so on.

The goal is not to overwhelm your readers. You never want your readers to lose interest in your content.

Source: https://www.socialpilot.co/blog/social-media-hacks-2022#approach

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