Put greater emphasis on video

It’s been proven that videos can increase conversion rates significantly. Sixty percent of consumers say they have made a purchase decision after watching a video online.

In light of these numbers, it’s not surprising that social media sites are placing a higher value on video content than on other types of content.

For instance, Facebook promotes native videos posted to the site over other forms of content. Native videos shared on the platform have an 86% higher reach than any other type of content shared on the platform, including YouTube videos shared on the platform.

Facebook videos get more comments and shares than any other type of content.

Instagram is just one of many social media sites that prioritises video over other forms of content.

In light of this shift, it’s clear that 2022 will be a pivotal year for brands to prioritise video content if they want to succeed on social media.

So, what exactly are the best social media videos to share?

Videos come in a wide variety of formats, and you can share just about any of them on your social media channels. Here are some suggestions:

Video explanations

Instructional Videos

Unseen glimpses into the workings of your company’s brand

Videos with useful product info

User-generated videos

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