Nat decided to pre-sell a video course. And… no one bought it. Then he did this and gained $10,000 in a week.

Pre-selling a video course to his email subscribers was Nat Eliason’s idea. The mastermind group cost $50 per month, while the paid course pre-order was $500.

And… nobody was buying it.

Through analysis of subscriber responses, he concluded that the mastermind group was a bad idea and the pre-order price was excessive.

He responded to everyone’s emails with an apology and a new pre-order price of $250 (a 50% discount).

He pre-sold $10,000 worth of the course after this email went out, all before he had even created a single lesson, providing him with the proof he needed that people would be prepared to pay for it.

To what end am I relating this tale? Because many people, myself included, believe there is no way to regain the trust of the same audience if a mistake was made with pricing or anything else. Look, if he can do it, so can you ;).




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