If you want to boost your retention, leverage email marketing, and pay $0, use this free email service by Google…

Email marketing is a time-consuming and expensive endeavour.
The price increases proportionally with the size of your mailing list.

But what if you only want to automatically alert your email subscribers about new blog content = increase your retention?
But suppose there’s no monetary outlay required.

Find that intriguing? 😉
Well. I recently learned about one free Google tool.

What this app can accomplish for you is:
1.Initially it sends your blog’s followers whenever you publish a new post.
2. Your website features a subscription option.
3.Google owns the developer tools. Your guess is as good as mine: spam or inbox. 😉
4.your email list is always available for export.
5: There is no cost.

To begin, what is this instrument?

FeedBurner email Google.

Also, OMG, that’s going to be huge if you combine this free tool with another free product, Welcome Mat by Sumo.


Source: support.google.com



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