10.66% more registrations (easy 10-minute change)

For their unique VIP landing page, they A/B tested a straightforward adjustment.


  1. White writing on a dark background.
  2. A light background with a dark font.


Which one do you believe their VIP landing page won?


  1. Here is the outcome. The dark text on a white backdrop increased signups by +10.66%.


MarketingExperiments, Inc.

Easy 10–50 DA backlinks (smart strategy)


You are aware of how challenging it is to persuade website owners with high authority to link to yours.


Purchasing a high-authority 10–50 DA (domain authority) website for $100 sounds like a simpler option.


What? What makes it possible?


  1. Purchase a dropped, expiring domain with a 10–50 DA. It turns out that many of them are losing their validity every day!

Here is an awesome free web tool to display potent domains that are about to expire: domcop.com


  1. After purchasing it, host it in a separate data centre from the one you now use.


  1. There are then 2 options:

2.1. Restore content from archive.org (you can run into copyright concerns here), after which you should insert several links to your website.

2.2. Include a link to your target website in an article of yours.


Boom! Simple to get a link from a website with a DA of 10 to 50

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