+300% conversions (smart trick)

You are undoubtedly aware of the benefits of using infographics to build backlinks to your website.

However, if it’s dull, you should just save your time because no one else will.


I devised a clever method to increase the prominence of infographics.

SunGard Cloud used this tactic and saw a 300% increase in conversion rates.


How did they act?


They combined their infographics with the popular subject of “zombie apocalypse,” resulting in an infographic with a zombie theme.

Boom! More conversions by +300%.


How can one find a new trend?


You can use Google Trends.

Be one of the first to capitalise on anything intriguing you discover.


www.thecloudinfographic.com is the source.

Added 62 percent to the ROI (study)


A significant issue with RummyCircle was that participants abandoned the game.


They were able to add a straightforward step to their funnel, increasing their ROI by +62%.


They did the following:


  1. A trigger was added: If players don’t show up for a while.
  2. If the player returns with the offer, they provide a 200% bonus incentive (valid only for a day).


Tada. Greetings, +62% ROI!


P.S. You did read that correctly. Players received more free in-game currency, but when they came back, they spent even more. clever move


Source: www.business2community.com

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