Without discounts, cart abandonment decreased by 42%.

One of the major issues with every e-shop, cart abandonment, was experienced by a shopping club with more than 4 million monthly visitors.


You spent a lot of time and money obtaining those leads, influencing them to look through and select the products they desire, and then you failed to convert them at the very end. It makes me so angry.


However, they were able to implement a strategy that reduced their cart abandonment rate by 42%!


What is the strategy:


They added an exit-intent cart overlay that emphasises urgency by highlighting the scarcity of the items in the basket.

They specifically added the following sentences to their exit-intent overlay (which you may do right now):

+ It will soon be yours! There is only one more step, and if you don’t order now, we can’t promise that the items will be available. + A customer just ordered items from your shopping cart.


Result: 42% less shopping cart abandonment


Annual revenue growth of +333% (study)


Given the fierce competition for their keywords, an eye care business had zero chance of receiving any organic traffic from Google.


However: 1. They improved their standing for 429 keywords.

  1. Saw a rise in organic search of +52.8% on a yearly basis.
  2. Revenue increased by +333% on a yearly basis.


What makes it possible?


They solely paid attention to local search:

  1. They set up their Google Maps page, including their homepage URL, contact information, address, a description, and keywords.
  2. Added the street location, name of the city, and phone number of the office to the header and footer.



They won the top spots in local search as a result, and their revenue increased by +333%. (every year).


Source marketingsherpa.com

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