How they managed to increase the signup rate for their app by 70% after applying this 1 thing…

Co-founder of Branch Mada Seghete revealed a method that increased the company’s signup rate by 70%.

What they ended up doing is…

To begin, a standard signup screen was presented when a user invited friends to try their app.
Then they made one that is more tailored to the individual, with a welcome message from the friend being the very first thing the visitor sees.
The new personalised version was tested and found to increase signups by 70%.

Personalization can be used in a slightly different way if a referral system is not part of your product.
By using this strategy, Brian Dean was able to increase his opt-in rate by a factor of 8!

That’s quite a lot.
What is the procedure?

Instead of showing everyone the same offer (“Join our newsletter”) on your blog or other webpage where you hope to gain subscribers, try showing them something unique. The only information you have about your visitor is that they are interested in the content on this particular page. Therefore, you must provide content that is pertinent to this page.

In exchange for an email address, you could write an article on “how to mine bitcoin” and include a list of the “TOP 10 mistakes that cost miners millions of dollars.”

A discount or free bonus on a certain car could be offered in exchange for an email address if this were a car-focused eCommerce page.

And generate eight times as many prospects.


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