[study] They halved their trial period and the conversion rate doubled. They halved it again and …

There was a free trial period of 30 days available for ProdPad.

By Day 9, data analysis showed a likelihood of 85% that a trial user would sign up for the service.

Experiment 1: They cut the length of the trial period almost in half, to 14 days, and otherwise maintained the status quo.
Because of that change, their conversion rate increased by 100%.

Experiment 2: They cut the trial period in half again, this time to 7 days. This time around, however, users could extend their free trial period (up to 28 days) by completing basic onboarding tasks.

Second, compared to the previous version, they saw a 200% increase in their overall conversion rate and a doubling of the time it took to go from trial to conversion.

Source: https://www.prodpad.com/blog/our-new-user-onboarding-process-ux/

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