9 jaw-dropping insights about images based on data analysis of over a half million images on Pinterest !

The data science team at Curalate looked at more than 500,000 pictures on Pinterest and found 7 amazing things.

1.Images with more than one main colour get repinned
+ 3.25 times more re-pins per image than images with a single dominant color.

2. Images with a medium amount of light get
+20 times as many repins as images that are mostly black and
+8 times as many as images that are mostly white.

3. Images in the middle between highly desaturated (like black and white) and highly saturated have
+ 4 times more re-pins than images that are 100% saturated
+ 10 times more re-pins than images that are totally desaturated.

4. Pictures that are red, orange, or brown get about twice as many repines as blue pictures.

5. Images with less than 30% background (such as white space) are the ones that get repined the most.

6. The number of re-pins drops by two to four times for images with 40% background area.

7. Pictures of brands without people’s faces get 23% more repins.

8. Images that are vertical and have a ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 get 60% more repines than images that are tall.

9.  Photos with a smooth texture are repined 17 times more than photos with a rough texture.

When creating your images for social media, it would be useful to keep in mind these thumb rules !

Source :www.curalate.com


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