7 steps how a $1.8B company started

HelloFresh went from having no money to having $1.8 billion in just 6 years.

The hardest part of these stories that make a billion dollars is always how they began.

1. Patrick Drake hated his job as a business lawyer.

2. He has always loved cooking, so he chose to make it his full-time job.

3. He found out as much as he could about food online, and he worked in kitchens for free during lunch and after work to learn more.

4. He saw an idea for a recipe food box that was aimed at the Swedish family market.

5.He got some start-up money with the plan to change it for the UK market and focus on young, busy pairs.

6. His team dressed up as carrots and handed out flyers at Waterloo station.

7. They had their first customer in two weeks. They packed bags in Patrick’s living room and took the London Underground to hand-deliver them. This made them money and gave them immediate feedback, which helped shape the product.


Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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