[Study] RightNow Technologies increased their overall conversions by 4 TIMES. Here’s how…

This is a fact, as you well know.

They ran an A/B test and saw a fourfold increase in conversions.

Their actions are as follows:

First, they did research on their current clientele.

We then divided these potential customers into four distinct personas.

3 Destroyed the slogan “these are our great products and services” prominently displayed on their website.

4. Redesigned content to meet the requirements of each persona I really should…

The return on investment for developing a buyer persona appears to be fourfold. 😉
Have you got one?

Source: https://www.davidmeermanscott.com/blog/2008/12/persona-focused-web-site-leads-to-4x-conversions-for-rightnow-technologies.html

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