This well-known CTA’s simple copy A/B test saw a 47% increase in CTR

On its navigation bar, Optimizely conducted a straightforward copy test.


They altered the text of a well-known CTA (a lot of startups have it).


  1. Achieved 47.7% more clicks with this new term.
  2. More than doubled their page visits.
  3. 8% more website conversions overall.


Older call to action: “Why Use Us”

Update: “How It Works”


Does your navigation bar include the words “Why Use Us” (or “Why Us”)?

It’s time to increase your conversions.


Neil Patel,

4x sales on social media (easy)


How to increase your sales on social media by 4 times was revealed by a Sprout Social study.


Here is a very simple trick.


#1. Only 15.1% of consumers make a purchase when a product is first advertised on social media.

However, after being advertised 2-4 times, they receive +60.7% higher sales.


Not terrible, right?


Simply present your product from 2-4 distinct perspectives in an engaging way to avoid making your followers unsubscribe.


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