An eye-tracking study found how to help 89% more customers to choose the right pricing plan

The eye-tracking research was carried out by the ConversionXL Institute.
The point is to figure out the best way to highlight a “recommended” cost.

Prices ranged from $0 to $85 per month (“recommended”) and $166 per month.

Prove it with an A, B, C, or D

An unhighlighted $85/month plan is listed first, in the “cheap” to “expensive” order.
As a result, 16.92% of people opted for the plan.

Price range from least to most: 19.91 percent

Thirdly, the price range (high to low) not highlighted in any way: 23.04%

Four, the most expensive to the least expensive: 31.99%

If your pricing plans are listed from least expensive to most expensive, but none of them are highlighted, then applying variant #4 will help 89% more customers make the right choice.


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