This tactic assisted Nomorerack in cutting their CPA by almost 40%.

According to Adobe’s case study involving many marketers, utilising this tactic produced the following results: 1. A CTR increase of 50%–300%.

  1. A 35% decrease in the CPC.
  2. In certain circumstances, cost per acquisition increased by more than 250%.


The similar method was employed by e-commerce business Nomorerack, which saw: 1. A 42% boost in CTRs.

  1. A more than 40% drop in CPA.


What is this approach?


It’s known as Facebook multi-product advertisements.


How to set up Facebook advertising with several products:

  1. Immediately. Use Facebook Business Manager to upload your product catalogue.
  2. by hand. Scroll down to “Format” when adding your subsequent advertisement and select “Carousel.”



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