How two Romanian men started a $17,000/month business with no money invested

In 2014, two Romanian men: 1. With no investment (worked for free from Starbucks).

  1. With no social media fans.
  2. With no email followers.
  3. Insufficient time (were freelancing full-time just to cover basic needs).


established their side-project, which they turned into a $17K/month business in 2 years.


Their full process is outlined here in detail:


Prior to the product-market fit

  1. They discovered they were repeatedly producing the same elements when building websites for clients.
  2. Produced a no-cost UI Kit.
  3. ProductHunt and Designer News both featured the UI. 2K–3K weekly users as a result.
  4. Designed a premium, for-pay version of the UI with more pages, elements, etc. Thus, $200 each week.


Following a product/market fit


  1. Developed new, free UI Kits and advertised them through Hackathons, Affiliate Programs, SEO, Niche Newsletters, Reddit, Product Hunt, Designer News, Hacker News, and Github.


  1. Promoted the premium paid version to consumers of the free version using an automated email sequence.


After two years, they were generating a net profit of $17,000 per month.


Alexandru Paduraru, a member of our community, is to be thanked for sharing your moving tale.



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