8-step influencer outreach approach with an example to obtain a 25–40% response rate from cold emails

You spend weeks sending out cold emails, but you receive no responses.

Who am I to receive comments from such famous people? You consider.

Try another strategy! – Your shoulder is being whispered to by an angel.


When Jason Quey tried a different strategy, his cold emails to influencers had a 25–40% response rate.


This is how:


  1. He crafted a captivating topic line.
  2. He wrote a brief email.
  3. He included genuine compliments in the email that was individualised.
  4. He connected what an influencer is doing with his product, demonstrating that he did his homework.

He didn’t grovel. He demonstrated to influencers what was in it for them, or why an opportunity was worthwhile.

  1. He refrained from pressuring an influencer to buy into his proposal.
  2. He asked a query at the end of an email.
  3. He checked in.


a case in point


Samantha, may I please give you $2,100?


Hello Samantha


I read your post on accepting your instruction with grace.


It was great! I am always preoccupied with my training outcomes. The next time I go to the gym, I can’t wait to give your methods a try!


Like you, many CrossFit bloggers who have reviewed our trademark beverage, RunnersAide, have collaborated with my staff at Acme Co.


Influencers typically earned $2,100 for each review they wrote. We can give you discussion points, illustrations, and a free case to try.


Would you be interested in receiving more details about our influencer programme from me?


Happy New Year,



Another illustration:




Since I know you already have a lot on your plate, I wanted to check in with you to see if you were open to making a video review.


The majority of the paleo influencers we have worked with earn $2,100 for each promotion.


Would you be interested in that, FIRSTNAME?







Source: www.thestorytellermarketer.com

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