Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all plans come with an unconditional 7 days money back guaranteed.
We add new content every week. However, there is also the option to crowdsource the content and sometimes people also submit the hacks from their experience, which are once approved by our experts before being published.

A lot of content comes from our own experience of running a digital agency for more than 10 years and managing million dollar accounts. In many cases, we have learned from our own campaigns, but we have also learned from so many other experts through our online and offline interactions with them, as well as from reading about many superb growth hacks online. All this content is curated and presented, and credit given to sources where applicable.

Sure, more than one person can come up wit the same growth hack, so we do not guarantee that this is the only place you will find the hack, but we are reasonably sure that this is and will stay the single largest source of social media growth hacks and will have large percentage of growth hacks.

The simple answer is that is you are able to apply even one hack to your business or your clients business, the membership fees can pay itself off many times over because we have the subscription extremely affordable for everyone.

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