How a single fast trial on Pinterest increased conversions by 50%

When your business is as large as Pinterest, a 0.1% improvement in your next A/B test makes you happy.

Just picture the joy on the growth team’s face when they noticed a 50% rise in conversions.

Hmmm? 🙂

So, this is how they accomplished that:


  1. After a while, they prevented the user from scrolling (the default action of a Pinterest grid is people scrolling).


  1. Instead, a little banner that read “Sign up to see more of this content” was brought up.


By alone, this experiment increased their conversion rate by 50%.



More is available.


  1. They figured out way to activate those additional users thanks to yet another experiment:


3.1. In order to better understand how the service operated, they first developed an email flow.

As a result, more individuals unsubscribed from their app than downloaded it. Fail.


3.2. Then they began to send emails with content that was pertinent to the original reasons users had joined Pinterest.

This trial significantly improved performance and raised activation. Success.



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