[crazy hack] Cold traffic conversion rate of 40.2% on a million viewers

Although Facebook advertising are quite effective, it is very expensive and takes months to try a variety of ideas and get a positive ROI.


Using this method, Peter Visser was able to observe a staggering 40.2% conversion rate from cold traffic on a 1 million-person audience.


The equation:


  1. Find the industry’s “guru.” It could be a book, magazine, or television show.


  1. Discover the most often asked question, then respond to it. Here’s an illustration:

To [benefit], get 7 [guru] strategies.

So, if moms who want to attend college are your target market, you might write something along the lines of “Download 7 [expert] Strategies To Get College Funding – Plus: How to Do It With Kids.”


  1. Choose “those who have demonstrated an interest in [guru]” AND “moms who have no higher education” when generating your advertisement and specifying your targeting.


I’m done now.


When Peter used this tactic, the conversion rate was 40.2%.


Source: Social Media Today

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