How to use the “Loyal Customers” framework to 5x your sales?

Adobe determined the following after examining 33 billion visits to 180 eCommerce websites:

  1. The revenue from repeat customers is equivalent to that from five new customers combined.
  2. When making a second purchase, repeat customers often spend three times as much as they did on their first one, and this percentage just keeps rising over time.


These useful foundations will enable you to get more devoted clients.


The concept for “Turn One-Time Buyers Into Repeat Buyers”


  1. Goal: To promote recurring purchases.
  2. Need: Motivators and Reminders.
  3. Time: the initial 30 days.
  4. Techniques and strategies:

4.1. Send reminders for product refill.

4.2. Send reminders about abandoned carts.

4.3. Send data-driven product recommendations proactively.

4.4. Retargeting might help you maintain brand awareness.

4.5. gamify loyalty point purchases.

4.6. Offer enticing inducements.


The framework for “Turning Repeat Buyers into Loyal Customers”


  1. Goal: Strengthen brand loyalty.
  2. Need: Allegiance and Rewards.
  3. Next three to six months.
  4. Techniques and strategies:

4.1. Reward your customers for their desired actions.

4.2. Recognize and honour your supporters.

4.3. Offer special benefits to reward high and consistent spenders.

4.4. Build brand affinity through emails from customer support.


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