Partner Up With Supporters Who Champion Your Brand

The term “influencer” refers to influential people who have a sizable fan base.

Working with influencers like this to spread the word about your company opens up new markets you might not have reached on your own.

A “shout-out” from an influencer can do wonders for your conversion rates.


It’s because customers don’t trust brands to provide them with objective feedback and analysis. In a high-stakes situation, customers are more likely to believe endorsements from influential people than they are to believe a brand “tooting its own horn.”

Analytics tools like Ninjaoutreach and TrendSpottr can help you locate influencers in your field with greater speed and efficiency.

Select a subset of people to whom you will send a free trial of your product. If an influencer likes your product, you should ask them to mention it in a post without being asked.


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