Link Out to a Customized Page for Your Audience

Whether it’s a status update, tweet, or a YouTube description, you can include clickable links or “hyperlinks” on most social media platforms.

The Instagram experience is unique.

Outside of the profile section for your brand, external links are prohibited.

Instagram’s caption and comment sections exist solely to foster conversation and enhance the service’s user experience.
Adding a link here will make you look like spam.

That’s why picking the right place to put your outbound link matters so much.

Your link’s destination page (or “landing page”) is where you want to send people.

If you have images or other content in your profile, you can explain them here.

More so if you work in online sales or manage a web store.

Because of the decreased resistance, interested buyers can complete their purchases more rapidly. They won’t need to waste time searching your site in vain for content similar to what they saw on Instagram.

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