conversion rate of 70% (B2B case study)

Segment faced a serious issue. Installing their programme proved challenging.

They discovered something intriguing after analysing their data.

People from large organisations, such as Nike, etc., simply stopped participating after signing up; they made no installations.

Zero percent of Segment’s most valuable customers were converted.


One technique allowed them to convert 70% of those folks in one group.


They did the following:


  1. They questioned new members, “Would you like help getting started?” right away. Are you sure?


  1. When they selected “yes,” a screen appeared that read, “Thank you; we’ll get in touch with you.”


As a result, 70% of those who chose “Yes, I want help” converted.


Why does that matter?

You’ll have more consumers as long as you can persuade more folks to say, “Yes, I want help.”


How do you do that?

  1. What if they immediately offered individualised assistance in the app following a “Yes, I want help” response?
  2. What if, for users from large organisations, personal assistance was offered automatically after signup and without any further questions?


These 32 “copy-paste” instances increase revenue by up to three times.


You already know that scarcity (FOMO) increases sales by 50% to 200% and even more, according to several studies.


However, when it comes to writing the wording for your limited-time offers, you run into a creative block.

This is what I experience.


So I made the decision to find various examples of what other individuals do to persuade their users to make a purchase right away in order to tackle this problem.


Here is what I came up with, a list of 32 instances:


  1. Order by 2 hours for free delivery the following day.
  2. first 100 purchasers receive free delivery
  3. Orders of $100 or more qualify for free delivery! Time is limited. The promotion ends on DD/MM/YY at 11:59 p.m. EST
  4. There are just 100 of these available in the entire world.
  5. Only a few left in the limited edition.
  6. $45 is worth $117.
  7. Small Stock. There aren’t many of these left now! Before it entirely disappears, grab it immediately.
  8. Availability: Strict Supply
  9. the first 100 buyers receive a freebie.
  10. Final call The October 28 earlybird ticket sale expires at 6 p.m. EDT.
  11. You can receive a 5% discount off your subsequent order as a reward! Take advantage of this offer now because it only lasts for two days!
  12. solely online. 20% savings, free delivery on orders over $50, and free returns are all included.
  13. Countdown mania. Everything is 20% off until 3 hours, 45 minutes, and 27 seconds.
  14. $114 (40% off)
  15. Save 80% or more. Shop the entire sale.
  16. For the next 60 minutes, get 10% off the entire site!
  17. 99% of 1,980 would repurchase it.
  18. Marcy purchased a product! (Real-time display of what other customers are purchasing)
  19. Use coupon code: XXXX for the large weekend sale of 60% plus 30% off on orders over X. Buy now
  20. At the moment, only one person is looking.
  21. Low amount, hurry!
  22. Order by 07:42 for delivery the following day
  23. Sale ends soon; just $497! (Get it for $200 less than the $697 normal price.) There are only 300 tickets left at this price. The tickets must sell out before DATE for this deal to remain valid.
  24. Do you want it right now, DATE? Order in under two minutes and select One-Day Shipping at the checkout.
  25. There are only 2 left in stock.
  26. 344 users have this place bookmarked.
  27. Sold out (Copy near similar offer)
  28. Lack of stock (Copy near similar offer)
  29. You were late! We reserved the last room left at this hotel. (Use a nearly identical offer.)
  30. 7 bookings made today
  31. Only 4 rooms remain on our website due to great demand!


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