He analyzed 100M emails sent and found the 2 biggest mistakes people make. One of them decreases revenue by 3 times

More than a hundred million emails have been sent by Sumo (AppSumo) founder Noah Kagan.
The two most important lessons he learned are as follows:

1.First, he invested a tonne of effort and resources into a segmentation experiment.
He came to the conclusion that segmentation isn’t useful.

According to the statistics I just analysed, the revenue I make from non-segmented emails is 3.19 times more than the revenue I make from segmented emails.

2. Second, a lot of brands forget to include a call to action at the beginning of their email.
While the vast majority of people who open your email won’t read past the first screen (on average, 80%).
This means that putting your call to action (CTA) at the very beginning of your emails can increase conversions by as much as 400%.


Source: www.bigcommerce.com

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