They did a data analysis and discovered a way to increase all of your A/B tests’ success rates by more than twofold.

A/B testing requires time.

And many of them fall short.

How can you fail less?

What should be A/B tested initially, and which should be delayed?


Data from Experiment Engine’s clients was examined.

Here is what they discovered:


What kinds of A/B tests do businesses focus on?

  1. Art: 54%

Add or delete components: 31%

1.2. Color: 18%

1.3. Position: 17%

1.4.2. Form design: 7%

Layout of the buttons: 3%

Functionality: 1.6. 2%

  1. Copy: 24%


What A/B test kinds are actually the most effective?

  1. Copy: 26%
  2. Art: 20.8%

2.1 Position: 26.1%

Layout of the buttons: 25%

2.3. Color: 18.2%

2.4. Elements added or removed: 16.9%

Functionality: 2.5. 16.7%

Form structure: 11.8%


It appears that you may more than double your success rate if you reorder what you A/B test first, second, etc.



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