A 637% increase in sales over a 12-month period

ConvertKit had been expanding consistently for three years when they adopted a strategy that raised their sales by 637% in only a year.


Who made the magic wand that they employed?


  1. They introduced a tantalising affiliate programme that pays you a recurring 30% commission for the lifetime of any customer you refer.


  1. They made it simple to sign up:

2.1 New affiliates only had to register.

2.2. Without requiring any more action, they instantly granted their present clients the right to become affiliates.

They included the affiliate offer in their drip strategy for new clients (point 2.3).


  1. They gave every affiliate’s live webinar their full attention, regardless of how tiny their audience was.


  1. During the webinar, they provided hundreds of dollars’ worth of value while requesting nothing in return, using the exact words: “This is my pledge to you. Today, I won’t ask you to make a single purchase.”


They saw webinars as a long-term investment, number 5. That day, they weren’t seeking for investors who could provide money. With free training and other resources to help them make the most of it, participants could test out ConvertKit for free for a month.


As a result, in just a year, their monthly income increased by 637 percent, from $98k to $625k.


Source: leadfeeder.com 

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