The range is 0 to 1.3 million users (1 hack)

How did able to grow its user base to 1.3 million in just three years:


  1. To start, they identified an extremely pressing, major issue: clogged email inboxes.


  1. They provided a straightforward, cost-free alternative, allowing you to unsubscribe from any newsletters in which you have lost interest.


  1. Following the app’s release, tech bloggers were excited to report about it because it helped their readers with a significant issue. This aided in their acquisition of their initial thousands of users.


  1. displays a pop-up saying “In order to unsubscribe from more than 5 subscriptions, help out by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or via email” as soon as you launch the app and select 5 newsletters to unsubscribe from.


As a result, there were 1.3 million users in 3 years (+ was purchased).



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