How Noah Kagan established his first company for $50 and attracted his first 200 customers?

Many of us have squandered time and resources on ventures that ultimately fail.


When Noah Kagan launched his own company in 2010, he nearly made the same error.

But he was compelled by his friend to support his theory.


His first 200 paying clients came as a result of that affirmation.

This is a tale involving AppSumo. With roughly a million email subscribers, it is now a successful business.


Thus, how did it occur:


  1. He observed that people used the imgur app frequently and that there existed an imgur Pro account because he frequented Reddit.

He reasoned that he could offer Redditors a discounted price on Imgur Pro.


  1. He emailed the imgur creator to inquire about doing a campaign with Noah at a steeply discounted pricing. Sure, he replied.

He therefore had a product to sell but no clients or website.


  1. He cold-emailed one of the Reddit founders and invited him to breakfast in order to gain clients. He concurred!

3.2. Since Noah was marketing a useful service to Redditors, he enquired as to whether Reddit would offer some free ad space. He graciously consented.


  1. Noah developed a landing page and linked PayPal to it.


  1. Reddit adverts started running.


  1. After making 200 purchases, he manually emailed each customer a coupon to redeem their Imgur Pro account.



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