How Benjamin recovered 468% of his lost organic traffic in just 4 days

A solid evergreen article by Benjamin Brandall held the #3 spot in Google for two years.

He had about 12,000 visits a month from it.


But after dropping from #3 to #8 on Google, one day his traffic decreased by more than 4 times.


He made one change, and within 4 days the page had risen from #8 to #3 in Google.

That page had a 486% spike in traffic.


What’s the formula?


Google considered the post to be out of current after two years without any updates (he is smart).


Benjamin made the following updates: 1. Fresh information.

  1. Updated portions that needed to be updated.
  2. Fixed faulty hyperlinks.
  3. A revised publication date for the article.



His nice free traffic returned in 4 days;)


Source: ahrefs

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