Harvest Snaps – Proven Growth Hack

Sometimes, the most ingenious growth hacks emerge from the ashes of failure. Harvest Snaps was forced to get resourceful as conventional means of advertising were beyond their price range.

Following the establishment of their business model and customer base, the company implemented a number of the aforementioned growth hacking strategies, including:

Working with influencers
Advertising in social media

Constructing a special loyalty club for email subscribers, however, proved to be an exceptionally effective strategy for increasing sales. This kept the company top of mind with their subscribers and gave them a sense of exclusivity and belonging.

Those findings blew everyone away. In only three short years, Harvest Snaps was able to achieve:

increased revenue from $10M to $240M.
a 342,000-person increase in the size of its social media following
95,000 email addresses were added


Source: optinmonster.com

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