+300% in revenue (the NBA’s study)

The Warriors represent California in the NBA.
In just one year, they increased their digital sales by 300 percent. That’s crazy expansion for a team of your calibre.

This is what they did:

They have the youngest fan base of any professional sports league, according to an analysis of their audience. Instead of watching them on TV, their fans prefer to watch them online.
As a result, they zeroed in on digital media.

Two, they looked into the most important factors to brands. It turned out that views and interaction were the most important metrics to them.
As a result, they shifted from charging for a predetermined number of posts to charging for ad views and interaction instead.
Below is an example of a compelling video they produced for their collaborators.

Third, they looked at maps to see where their supporters were. The Philippines accounted for forty percent.
So they set their sights on Filipino companies in search of sponsorship money.

The end result was (1) a slew of new multi-year deals worth more than $1 million each year.
The company’s digital income as a whole increased by a factor of three in just a year.

The most important thing to remember is that analysis, surveys, and asking and listening are the primary sources of growth.


Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2018/02/23/new-digital-strategy-for-golden-state-warriors-pushes-revenue-up-300/

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