Ever wanted to convert visitors of your landing page into email subscribers at a 100% rate? Here’s a case study…

Sign-up forms are developed for email lists.

If you could get an email without a landing or opt-in page, you’d have a perfect conversion rate for new subscribers.

The following methods can theoretically deliver email messages:
Card for Generating Leads on Twitter. 1.
2. Using email for a cold call
Thirdly, “guest emailing,” or advertising via another person’s email list.

When I was launching my second business, I relied on cold emails to attract customers.
The subject line of our spam email read, “Activate your membership by clicking here; it will only take a second.” Any user who clicked this “Leadlink” was immediately added to the mailing list and taken to a “Thank you” page.

These are our results:
1. Conversion rate (after 80 A/B tests): 12%
2. One hundred percent opt-in rate (no landing page = immediate subscription)
There was a 3.5% dropout rate

The first email was crucial in determining the unsubscribe rate. We did a lot of split-testing until we got an 8.2 on the Net Promoter Score here (out of 10).

P.S. Here’s a resource for making your own Leadlinks.

Source: https://e.growthhackingidea.com/

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