100K shares (study) + A viral template

How many of your Facebook updates have gone insanely popular?
The truth is, almost everyone has never had a post go viral.

That’s because 99.9 percent of people ignore this strategy that has the potential to yield over 100,000 shares.

This strategy is as old as time itself; rather than coming up with something original and testing it for years, just replicate the most popular posts. Make use of them as a model.

Here’s a great illustration that I found online the other day.

On January 9, 2017, an image was shared among a select few on Facebook.
The photo caption read (in translated Russian): “Young Ilia Kochergin won first place at the International Physics Olympiad. He beat out competitors from 90 different nations. And not a single major news outlet reported on this. Let’s back this guy up by forwarding this message.”

False information. Nonetheless, it saw a surge of 115,000 new shares.

Another guy replicated the viral photo a year later. He simply renamed the boy and gave the competition a different name before posting it online.
Boom! 130,000 Copies Distributed.


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