This approach helped me generate 150% more revenue from an existing audience…

After reading a number of articles claiming that webinars boost sales, I decided to give them a try.

I held two webinars and planned two sales funnels, and the following are the most important things I learned:

First, video isn’t universally loved. Even though I use a large graphic in the header of my emails with the prompt to “watch video,” only about 10% of recipients actually do so.

This impact also shown itself in my second online email group.

Second, folks aren’t going to buy if they don’t click the link because they won’t get any value and won’t see my sales presentation.

That’s why I included a video transcript (with a sales pitch) below the button that took them to my webinars.

Boom! I saw a 150% boost in sales! A majority of my clients (60%) would rather read than view a video before making a purchase.

Ha?! 😉

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