Johnathan outranks his Google Adwords competitors, even if his keyword bid is lower. Here’s how…

Johnathan Dane, a PPC expert, revealed his method (which did not involve A/B testing) for significantly reducing the cost per click.
Second, multiply CTR by a factor of 3.
Third, rank higher than them despite having a lower keyword bid.

Did you know that Google will show your ad group for multiple search terms that don’t exactly match your keyword phrase when you place that phrase into your ad group? This “automation” kills everything but Google’s bottom line, including your CPC and CTR.

This strategy has served him well for over 2 years:

The first step is to make a separate Ad Group for each keyword phrase.

Second, you can get an exact match by including your keyword phrase like this:
Accounting firm in Chicago
“Chicago CPA firm” [Chicago CPA firm].

Third, use the exact keyword phrase in the title, URL, first line of benefits, and second line of your call to action.

4. Incorporate all negative keywords from the search term report into the ad group level to filter out long-tail queries.

Earn more money and rise above your complacent rivals.


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